Meth Mountain

A&E’s Meth Mountain hits home for some Alabama residents

Marshall County Alabama – small in population, big on meth use; so big in fact that it’s earned the nickname Meth Mountain and a one hour special episode of A&E’s Intervention. A once-perfect location to raise a family has turned to a place that destroys them. A place where 10% of babies are born affected by meth and 40% of children in state custody are there because of their parent’s meth addiction.

“Marshall County offers ideal conditions for meth to take off” says narrator Merideth Viera while a sheriff’s deputy goes on to explain that the trailer laden terrain is perfect for isolated meth labs and that meth is frequently made by people who generally pass around meth making recipes found on the internet. (Side note: It really irks me that people can freely and easily find meth making recipes online, so of course I like to put my own spin on how to make meth).

This video chronicals the stories of several viewpoints including that of Meth Mountain resident and Mothers against meth founder, Dr. Mary Holley who’s own brother committed suicide after years of meth use. Watching it may leave you wondering how things got so bad there or might even challenge you to wonder what you can do about it.

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