Have Faith, You Are Stronger Than You Tell Yourself

I too was an abuser of the substance [meth], I also quit COLD TURKEY after a year and a half. I know, that seems like a short time on it to be patting myself on the back for quitting; But, hear me out..

My next door neighbor was 36 and myself 19; He was an addict and on his 36th birthday we met for the first time since I had lived on my street (this was in 1988). And like a fly to a shiny light I was sucked into the game.

I was taught so much within the first 2 months that I could make, sell, and trade meth. Before long the drug store down the road (and the state over) thought my whole family had sinus issues. I quickly jumped from 1g to an 8ball a day for the low low price of 20$(plus gas). Now, not only was it effective it was cheaper than a jay, so it was more tempting.

After running from nothing in the woods (many times), hiding a friends car in my barn from a dealer, being left to spend the night with people I didn’t know (many times) and watching people I once cared for be put in cuffs (many many times), sitting inside my home with the lights out because I heard voices. Finally one day something snapped inside me and I left my neighbor standing in his drive way with his mouth wide open watching me walk home (turning down meth) to go to bed.

The real kicker for me was when my neighbor, whom has 2 kids he has not seen since they were born (by choice), had no lights hooked to his home, ate from a garden because he had no job, used a needle that he hadn’t changed since he had started 20 years before, and robbed from the neighborhood at 2am to make more shake-n-bake meth, looked at me with a big toothless grin and said,”You’ll be just like me. You’re going to be as addicted as I am.”

My response: I threw the bag at his feet. Walked away and told him as I slammed the door ,”No, I will not. I will NOT be like you. I am better than all of this. I control the drug, the drug doesn’t control me!”.

I am proud to say I went home that night and I haven’t been back down that street. I didn’t wake up in a cold sweat, no craving the drug the next morning and no withdrawls what so ever. When I awoke the next morning, I felt as though I had been asleep for a year and it was all a bad dream.I truly thank God for sending me the sign i needed to pull myself up and out of what could have been the rest of my life.

If I could see what METH really is and walk away – Have faith, you are stronger than you tell yourself.

You can do it too. You control the Drug !!!!

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