Meth Poem: I walked away

This poem actually brought me to tears and I won’t say much more than that – I will just let you read it for yourself…

Submitted by: Christy Hardy

I walked away,
from you that day,
never to return,
never to look your way.

My family is important,
they begged, and pleaded,
and sent me to rehab,
where treatment was needed.

I am so blessed,
they never gave up,
I put them through hell,
we have all had enough.

My life is mine,
and I love to live,
if my story will help,
to you I give.

Jesus Christ,
saved my soul,
and He is restoring my health,
as He released your hold.

My mother’s tears,
have turned to smiles,
she is so thankful,
she didn’t have to bury her child.

Make up your mind,
ask for help,
do this for your family,
do this for yourself.

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