New Palmdale Video: Our claim to fame

If you were bored enough to read the About page on this site, you may have noticed that I grew up in a city north of Los Angeles called Palmdale.

I know this video doesn’t have a whole lot to do with meth except for the fact that I knew someone that made meth down the street from where this video was filmed on Palmdale Blvd. and 30th Street East — ahh the hood. I used to sit out side of the liquor store in this video and get men to buy me and my friends beer when I was 15. I can’t even believe that I used to do that, but alas it is part of my “child hood” I suppose.

I just thought I would give you some history in case you were wondering about where the author of this blog grew up. Many people my age swear that Afro Man is their hero and when he made the song titled “Palmdale” the locals were gloating. I don’t think there is much to be proud of; you be the judge:

It’s odd, but I actually like the beat of this song and Afroman’s Palmdale song as well. I just try to block out the lyrics.

Just a sampling of what can be found in good ‘ol P-Dale Cali.

I’m so proud… /sarcasm

10 thoughts on “New Palmdale Video: Our claim to fame”

  1. afroman is pretty straight, id love to visit palmdale, hell id love to smoke a good ol fatty with him. you used to be down with the game and you backed out? what a bitch. i can understand havin to quit or just wantin to, but hatin on it when you know you loved it? now thats wrong.

  2. @ yung muneh — oh I get it, your illiterately spelled name is supposed to be young money. umm lol? You come to my blog and call me a bitch and if I had to guess I would say that you’ve never even been to Palmdale (or you wouldn’t be so excited), yet in some strange way you fantasize about it.
    It’s okay, I won’t hold it against you that you probably type like you talk and talk like you type. Thanks for stopping by anyway…

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