A compilation of meth stories

I receive a lot of stories and feedback via the submit your meth story link on this site and I read every single one. There are so many different perspectives and since I can only write from my single vantage point, I think that it’s important to share the views of others that read this blog as well. Everyone has a story…what’s yours?

From Claudia:

Thanks for sharing. I’m 40- clean for 1 1/2 years. Trying sooo hard to find myself, a life, and a path. Quitting was easy compared to this struggle. Just looking for some friends I guess. Thanks!

my reply: Congrats Claudia, the road is long and sometimes hard, but you don’t walk alone. Even those never addicted have many a struggle with finding our way in life. Keep your head up – you’re doing it!!

From Jeanne:

Meth was my god. It was an evil god that destroyed everything in my life and left me withdrawing cold turkey on the maximum security block of Jefferson County Jail, charged with trafficking, left with nothing. Meth is horrible, horrible, horrible. If I had known back then what I do now…. I would run screaming and never look back when first faced with the choice of simply trying crystal meth.

my reply: Your story is such a familiar story and one that I wish everyone could read. So many people see this site that are addicted to meth right now. Unfortunately, it’s not before they try using that they decide to research the subject of meth.

From Corona:

I live in a very small town in AZ. Im 37 years old and I am a single mother of 4 I not only do meth but I sell it as well I have been doing meth for about 13 years now first it was crank then meth and the worse part to all of my past experiences good or bad here I am still stuck in the same place in which I started which is no where, I feel so alone. . . searching and searching for what? I dunno . . . happiness yes, God? I would think so . . .a bad person I’m not. . . I love my kids? Yes I DO very much.. . my story is very very long I dont know if you will be willing to sit there and read my book about my so-called life.

my reply: Corona, for the record I would humbly and graciously listen to your story. Thousands of people come to this blog and some even read the story behind my blog, we as humans want to relate, and I truly believe that no matter how bad your situation may be, there are many others out there dealing with the same scenario. I don’t believe you are a bad person – I truly don’t believe people should be labeled bad or cast out by society because they are addicted to meth. So many people become addicted to meth because they, just like you Corona, were in pursuit of happiness – which was found briefly until the psychological need to be “happy” caught up with them in the form of dependency. The life of an addict could be considered anything but happiness. Corona, I tried emailing you back, but got no reply – I truly hope that you are OK.

…if you are using, have used, have family members that use or just have something to say about meth addiction, please contact meย or leave your story in the comments below. I would be happy to share your story with the readers of this blog. You might be surprised at how good it feels to get it off your chest. Besides, I hear that helping others is contagious.


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