A Story of 3 Meth Addicts – One Family.

Addiction quickly progresses into something you can’t control

I always appreciate anyone who is willing to share their personal experience with Meth in order to help others. In this case, Bob learned how quickly an addiction can take hold. There is a domino effect that so many stories have in common in that once you start using, it isn’t long before you are doing anything humanly possibly to get high. If only you knew before you took that first hit that your life would be spent hurting others and chasing a short-lived high…

Here is Jimmy’s story:

My story contains 3 meth addicts including myself…the first one I wanna talk about was my cousin Bob. He was a very cool person actually my favorite out of our family. He raced demolition derbies, had a $30,000 circle track race car, a beautiful girlfriend (I actually had a crush on her lol). Anyway, we had a crack wave sweep the town where owned his garage and he got hooked..at first he seemed to be ok then he started gettin a lil bad..borrowing money instead of using his own and that sort of thing..well my aunt and uncle made him stop – which he did. I was 14; he and I went to his garage to get a part for his race car and we ran into someone and he left me there. [It wasn’t long before] he started smoking crack again and I didn’t know any better than just let him do it… [Soon after] he sold his race car, lost his house, his girlfriend; everything. His girlfriend [started] drinking heavily to cope with Bob’s addiction and as a result, she broke a window, spit on a cop and went to prison.

Bob remarried and we didn’t see him for a long time, until my dad started working with him; next thing u know I hear Bob is using meth (which didn’t surprise me). I didn’t have any pity for him because of his last run in with addiction. I hadn’t seen my dad in a while I was working and so was he..I get a call from my little cousin saying my dad was in jail for possession of meth. I called his wife and asked what happened; at which point she told me that she found it when he was on a crash and called the police..which made me mad! My dad avoided jailtime and instead of stopping, he and Bob started cooking [meth].

Eight months into cooking [meth] my dad and Bob get arrested for theft of anhydrous and my dad goes to prison for 9 mnths, but comes out clean this time. Bob on the other hand, goes to prison for 4 1/2 yrs or longer and by the time he got out my dad had been clean since his release (thank God). Soon after Bob was released, he went back to cooking meth; he promised his wife he would do it for 2 weeks and stop.

One night Bob and a few others were cooking in a barn and the generator caught fire with Bob inside…

The other cooks had pad-locked the door from the outside…Bob died inside the barn.

Then there is my story, I grew up to all the above stuff and still tried it because a buddy offered me a gram for free (a cook trying to get me hooked I realize now). I did most of it with him and loved it! I felt so alive! The next thing you know, that gram would last me less than a night; by morning I was looking for more. 1 yr goes by and I lose my 2 sons and girlfriend of 5 years. I coninued to use meth regardless . I had gotten used to using and had to use more and more. Each time I used, I would pack a bowl, lay it to the side and then lay a good 3-5 inch line and slam it up my nose – wait for the burning to stop (about 2 minutes) and pick up the bowl and smoke it – That was the only way I could get off.

Then I discovered capsules from the same friend who introduced it to me to meth. I was going to the E.R telling them my teeth hurt and getting antibiotics. They would be emptied of antibiotics and packed full of meth before I would get home. Next thing you know, I could do all 3 at the same time and even that didn’t get me off; or if it did it would be just a short burst of energy, then back to sleep.

I realized how far I had come and knew my next step would be a needle and I promised myself never to do that. So I stopped with theh help of my family and my dad. I have been sober for a long time now and I sit back and think about how bad this drug is; it causd my dad to have to have a balloon in his heart, killed my cousin and caused me to lose my family.

I’m glad to say that my dad has remarried a woman who is always on his butt about being clean and I now have my wife back. The saddest thing about Bob’s tragic death is that 3 weeks after he died his ex-girlfriend found out she was pregnant with his child – he now has a 21 month old son who will never know how cool his dad really was.

If you think about doing this drug – it is horrible and you wont know the results untill after they’ve happened. If you are an addict, turn to your closest family member for help! I pity anyone doing this drug – it rips not just your world apart, but you will hurt everyone around you.

My name is Jmmy and thats my story about meth…Thanks

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