Death in a Meth Lab Explosion – Yes, it Happens.

People think that I am joking when I talk about how dangerous it is to make meth. People also seem to think that I am exaggerating when I talk about the fact that a meth lab’s KILL people. So, I asked one of my readers to share their first hand experience with a meth lab explosion in hopes that this will make you think before you decide it’s a good idea to make meth or even be around it while it’s being made.

March 14th 2007.

I thought it would be just another day, wake up, get high, sell dope. For the most part it was a pretty normal day till about 7pm. I should have known better than to be around a bunch of people tweeked out of there minds in an abandoned body-shop turned meth lab; it was an invitation to an accident. I was starting to get nervous because there were 5 people on meth in a relatively small area. It’s just not a bright idea, especially in the meth lab, so I decided to step outside for a cigarette. I could see the tanks through the window, being nervous about these people, I watched them; thankfully.

The closest thing to sit on outside the abandoned body shop was a cement road block, so I sat down and was smoking my cigarette when I looked up to see one of the guys falling into the tanks. Without hesitation, my first reaction was to hit the deck. I dropped to the ground as I heard the loudest explosion of my life and before I realized what happened, 3 people were dead and another lost his eye sight and his left leg; Not to mention severe burns. Even behind the cement barrier that was maybe 10 feet away from the door, I could feel the intense heat. And when I looked up, all I remember is shaking, staring at the burning meth lab in total shock. I didn’t know what to do, so I got in the car and took off.

To this day i have nightmares about it.

I grew up with a meth lab in the kitchen and its always been a part of my life, but I will never go in another lab. Once you see one go wrong, and you were inside of it, not even 3 minutes earlier, and you lose 3 friends, you’ll think twice before ever crossing that line again.

I sold meth for nearly 6 years and was addicted to it for nearly 5 years. it look losing 3 friends to quit selling it and it took losing my father to a meth overdose to quit using it.

For anyone reading this addicted to meth, it will destroy your life and the things you’ll do you have to answer for at point no matter how untouchable you feel right now, you’ll have to answer to yourself…but by then its to late.

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