From a Meth Baby: Why You Shouldn’t Use Meth While Pregnant

I am a meth baby. I am now 23 years old.

I suffer from many things, including abandonment issues, insomnia (4 hours for me without night terrors is amazing), ADHD from a very very young age, and I hate to be touched. I could never forgive my “mother” (thankfully I was adopted although my story is not necessarily a happy one) and I never will. She stayed on alcohol, cigarettes and nyquil as well as meth during pregnancy which isn’t even to mention her birth control pills.

As a child raised by intellectuals I can honestly say it’s the worst thing I ever found out about myself, and I thank God for my high IQ. I cannot concentrate for more than an hour. I suffer every day. I could have been a doctor, if not for my “conditions”.

Although I have met the woman who biologically gave birth to me, and forgiven her for her past, I have no connection with her, and I am happy she gave me up. I love my parents and I grew up better than my sister did. My connections with others are affected by this.

Physical contact is almost like an eletric shock. I trust no one, and am impulsive. I’d rather tell a stranger than a friend a deep secret, at least I know they will tell. I have been diagnosed with many things as a child, thankfully I am able to live a semi normal life.

Don’t do meth while you are pregnant. I was lucky. Many are not. Think. You could make a childless couple happy, f*** you could just give this kid a fair start.

Stop now.

Before you make mistakes that are irreversible.

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