Intervention: Tressa – Follow up

Finally a follow up to Tressa’s Intervention story!

I while back I blogged about Tressa from an episode of A&E’s Intervention. She’s an amazing woman and athlete who traded in her dreams of being an Olympic shot-put champion for IV meth use.

If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend watching the video of Tressa’s Intervention.

Recently, A&E posted a follow up on Tressa and I am elated to know that Tressa has been sober since October 12, 2007; and she has stayed sober since. She is currently in a relationship and is working as a high school athletics coach. She admits that as an addict she was scared of being sober and leaving the life she knew behind, but she goes on to say that she “breathed a sigh of relief” when she walked into the room and saw Candy Finnigan and her entire loving family sitting there; she knew she was in for a change – more importantly: She was ready.

Tressa again has dreams and aspirations. She is training to make an athletic “come-back” and wants to someday open a treatment facility. With her experience and sober life as an example, I am sure she can help transform many lives.

I am so happy for Tressa and her family and I wish them the very best.

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