Meth Intervention: Cristy

The show Intervention on A&E is sometimes too painful for me to even watch – Cristy’s story most of all.

I saw the story of Cristy (or Christy) on Intervention quite a while back and of all the episodes, this one really affected me the most, truthfully it was her story along with those of so many close to me that made me want to do something about meth; her story is what prompted me to finally start this blog that I had been thinking about for quite some time.

Cristy is a hard-core meth addict, with a 10+ year addiction. She strips for money and amongst her dangerous exploits, she stands in front of liquor stores asking men to buy her alcohol. She has a pretty bad case of meth / alcohol induced psychosis which is apparent as she tries to explain her “deep” theories to the camera man and at one point, she is seen walking around outside of her house completely naked.

Her story is so heart-breaking, because she is just so lost in her addiction. Watching this episode, you can see that Cristy’s family really, truly loves her; her father so much so that he has enabled her for many years out of guilt – it’s hard to watch as he suffers with her. Cristy’s story is really a must-see if you want a real-life glimpse into meth addiction, meth psychosis and the shattered life of a once beautiful girl.

Video loads below:

Update to Cristy’s Story:

Lately there have been rumors spreading around the net like wildfire about Cristy’s death. There is even a newspaper clipping online stating that she supposedly died in January of 2010. I thought the clipping looked fake because the text was too crisp so I started doing some digging and asking around; finally the folks at A&E posted this on their forums:

Addressing rumors about Cristy

A&E has recently received several inquiries about Cristy from the second season of Intervention.  There have been online rumors that Cristy has passed away, but we can confirm that this is not the case.

This is a hoax.  Cristy is alive and we continue to wish the best for her and her family.  We are very grateful to them for their willingness to participate in our series.

So, I am VERY happy to report that Cristy is not dead. I am not sure of much else, nor do I know if she has finally gotten clean, but I do know she is alive – thankfully.

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