Meth Intervention: Tressa

A&E aired the story of Tressa – An Olympic hopeful in 2000 and record-breaking shot-put champion, turned meth addict.

Sorry about the quality of these videos. Initially, it was hosted on YouTube and it’s since been taken down, so this is all I could find. You can also watch on A&E if you sign in with a TV provider.

She really seems like such a kind hearted woman. Her family in the video exhibits what so many loved ones do, in that they think they can love the addict right out of her. More often than not, a meth addict’s family will exhaust themselves by exhibiting a never ending cycle of hoping and helping the addict until they themselves run out of resources. Meth addiction should really be seen as a disease, in that no amount of love, money, hope or worry will change the mindset of an addict. Addiction must be overcome from within and the addict must really want to be sober themselves in order to overcome the need to be high.

Addiction begins when getting high is no longer a want, but it is a need.

Update: Intervention: Tressa’s Follow up

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  1. you can see the episode on youtube by searching tressa intervention. I would very much like to know how she is doing today — any news?? Sending her good thoughts from Denmark.

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