Meth Poem | “The Mountain”

I don’t think it’s any surprise to me that there are so many talented artists that are addicted to meth; my own father being one of them. I thank God that he is clean and has been for some time now.

My father used to be so strong and virile; in fact my bragging right was that he was a locally well known rock climber. I used to tell everyone I knew about how cool my dad was. That changed when meth got hold of him. For many years he struggled and after many tragedies he finally broke free of the addiction.

This poem reminds me of him because of his love of nature and God.

I went up on a mountain
But I never got high

I looked down on the tree tops
Then up in the sky

This time things were different
I smelt the smell in the air

I felt God all around me
And the wind in my hair

As I stood their in wonder
Of this new world I found

It was hard to believe
My feet were on the ground

I felt like an Eagle
That had been raised in a cage

Then turned loose on a mountain
To live out his days

Their was no meth on that mountain
Or tweakers at play

It was just me and God
And I began to pray

Oh thank you Lord
For what you have done

I will never for get it
Your loving son

-Written by Greg Roark

Today my dad suffers daily with health problems attributed directly to his meth addiction. I am so very proud of both him and my mother for finally breaking free.

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