Lessons learned from my meth addicted cousin – Kelsey’s Story

This is just one story of the many that I have received via my submit your meth story form. I pasted it verbatim here because I believe what she is saying is important and maybe there is someone out there who needs to hear it from a family member’s vantage point.

Hello everyone I am kelsey this is my story…

My whole family is addicted to something, whether it be drugs, pills, gambling, lying, cheating, or alcohol. I am so use to being around drugs.

I have a cousin who is addicted to meth and has been for over 15 years. When i was twelve she and her one year old son lived with me, my mom, and my brother. She was never home so when she wasn’t home I had to raise her son. I did everything for that little boy and he meant the world to me.

When she was home she would always be yelling at her son for not walking straight, or for not eating when he was suppose to, or for not sleeping when she wanted him too, you could hear her yelling at him across the street, we lived on the first floor apartment you could hear her yelling and hitting him all the way up on the third floor. She was always hitting him as well she took all of her anger out on this little boy whom was innocent in all aspects and I felt so bad there was nothing I could do I mean after all they were family I was only 12 years old and I did as I was told and I was told to stay out of it.

It tore me apart to see her treat him like that I hated when she was home. I hated it. She would always bring her dirty friends over when my mom was at work and my brother was never home he was off doing his own drugs. It killed me inside to have to put up with it one guy actually put a gun to my cousin’s head right in front of me and her son, I guess she borrowed some meth and never returned it but he threatened to kill her. No one ever called the cops on her and they seen what she did to her son no one cared.

Then one day I was watching her son and he made me very mad and I hit him I hit him just like his mom did and I made him bleed. I was turning into her I thought to myself, and I cried and cried all I ever seen was her hitting her kid so i thought it was ok I guess I don’t know where it came from but I hit him. After, that i stopped watching him and my cousin got her own apartment right across the hall from us. I still went over there but i didn’t trust myself to watch him. Then she stopped paying rent and my mom was the manager of the apartment and had to kick her out, well my aunt my cousins mom and my cousin got so upset with my mom the whole family stopped seeing each other and stopped talking to each other.

I was separated from that little boy i was not to see him and it tore me apart I loved him so much. Well from there my cousin just went downhill hanging out with loser and never seeing her kid she was soo skinny she was like a size 0 and she was 21 at the time she had scabs all over her face and arms she looked horrible. She use to make me go in to the store and buy some stuff you use to make meth i was only 12 keep in mind so i was being taught all this crap.

I remember one time I was like 14 or 15 she offered to buy my pee from me so she could pass her drug test. She use to take her sons pee and give it to her boyfriends so they passed. I thought to myself what kind of mother does that to her kid. I hated her for everything she has become she put her mother through hell and her whole family more than she can ever understand.

To this day she is in prison she’s in there till November. She got out a couple of months back and she screwed up broke her probation or something so they put her away again. I hope and pray everyday that when she gets out she will stay clean i have no idea how long she has been clean or even if she is cause I try not to talk to her. She still sees her son but he is not to interested in her and as for me I never see that little boy. I think he is like 5 or 6 years old know he lives with his dad who is not much better then his mom but hey that a totally different story.

Well meth can screw with everyone not just the user if there is one thing I learned about a meth addict or any other addict for that matter is they do not like to confronted about their addiction especially by family members and loved ones, meth hurts not only the person but the family as well.

I guess the point here is, not just the addict is affected by their addiction. An addict’s family suffers the consequences right along side the addict, in different forms. Just as the addict needs to seek help in recovery, so too does the family.

Kelsey, I wish you the best and hope that you are able to seek help in finding that life doesn’t have to be this way – your family’s choices need not be your own. -SC

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