Powerful Words from a Teenage Meth User

My name is [redacted] and i am 17 years old. i first started meth when i was 16 and i tried it because i was new to the town and the friends i met were doing it. i told myself no i wont do it. then after watching them smoking it and passing it around it looked so tempting. so i said okay just this one time. i tried it. I loved it. it became my new best friend. I felt invincible. like i was super women. but i told my self no more because i dont want to get addicted.

A few days later though i was craving it.so me and my “friends” got some more and smoked it. we hung out in this trailer home where we would smoke it. after a few weeks using it i noticed some changes in my life but i didnt care. i got skinnier and bags started to come under my eyes from lack of sleep. i started ditching school. my grades dropped. and worst of all i started stealing from my own dad. i would steal money, pills, jewelry. whatever i could do to get the money for my high. my whole personality was changing. my whole life was changing. i started getting in trouble all the time. lieing to my dad and to my whole family. but i wanted to stop i just couldn’t do it by myself. All of my friends were tweakers and they didn’t care about me. all they wanted was to use me for my money. i wanted to get away from here so bad.

So December 14 2009 my baby niece was born. she was so beautiful. and the night before i smoked meth so that morning i was on a come down. my brother could tell. and so could his wife. i was so ashamed. my brother said, if you want to be in this baby’s life you will get clean today. i cried because i was disappointed in myself and i knew this baby was the answer to my problem. and after that day i never talked to those people that did drugs with me ever again. and ive been sober since that day. and [my neice] is my angel sent from heaven.

i deal with the consequences still today. because of me using in the past i have meth mouth and my teeth in the back are gone. and i grind my teeth till this day.

please dont do this drug. it doesnt ruin your life…it becomes your life.

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