Nic Sheff’s Blog

The author of Tweak; Nic Sheff’s story continues online in blog format.

If you read the book Tweak: Growing up on methamphetamine it probably left you looking for more; details, insight or information on Nic Sheff and how he’s doing today. I personally recall that after reading Nic’s memoir, I immediately came to my computer and Google’d him. That was just before I wrote my little Tweak book review. When I finally came to find Nic’s myspace page I found that he was living in Georgia with a girlfriend, but he didn’t mention much else at the time. All I could do was hope he was doing okay and that he hadn’t relapsed after being sober for so long.

Just this past week I once again visited Nic’s myspace page to see if there were any updates and was elated to read that he now has a blog! It’s only a few days old, but he’s already written a couple of posts to update us on his life; the last of which is written in fashion true to Nic’s style, leaving you wanting more. Nic is a great author and his blog only proves it in a less edited way. If you haven’t read his memior, you should. If you have read his book, you should definitely check out his blog.