Baby Dies Due to Meth Laden Q-tip

Why do I insist on blogging about tragic stories such as these? Because I think it’s important that they be brought to light for the atrocities that they are. This is just so senseless. I have a VERY hard time believing that the mother of this poor child “didn’t know“.

An 8-month-old boy has died after his mother told police she accidentally wiped his nose with a cotton swab used earlier to clean a methamphetamine pipe, authorities said.

Prosecutors were reviewing evidence against the infant’s mother, Elizabeth Reta of Ontario, and her boyfriend, Juan Antonio Sanchez Jr., and would likely seek murder charges, police Cpl. Jeff Higbee said Monday.

The boy, Samuel Reta, was declared dead Friday at Loma Linda University Medical Center, according to the San Bernardino County Coroner’s office.

The child had been in a coma since police responding to a child-not-breathing emergency call early Thursday found him in full cardiac arrest. The baby also has a fractured skull, broken arm and pneumonia, police said.

Elizabeth Reta, 27, was arrested Thursday and booked for investigation of felony child abuse. Sanchez, who surrendered to police later that night, was also arrested on suspicion of abusing the child, officials said.

Reta has told police she gave the baby a bath, and then used the cotton swab to clean his nose because it was itching, police said. She said she didn’t know the swab had been used to clean a methamphetamine pipe.

I have 3 children; none of which did I ever think to myself “hmm…your nose must itch, let me help you with that”. Maybe I am not the most observant mother; I’ve got to ask, how do you know when a baby’s nose itches? I know this is an article written by the press which could certainly have inaccuracies, but from my vantage point there are holes big enough to drive a car through in this story and I hope the mother gets help in prison.

Yet another innocent life snuffed out at the hands of meth addiction.

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  1. I actually researched it to try and find out what her sentencing was and couldn’t find anything. There was a follow up story that just mentioned that she would be charged with murder. I assume it awaiting trial since the story isn’t that old.

  2. I hope they throw the book at her. I just saw the part tat says the poor baby had a broken arm. I bet the baby was being abused too.

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