Meth is everywhere: One week of News Headlines

Meth in the news for the week of August 16 – 22, 2008

These are just a few of the hundreds of stories regarding meth in the news from the past week.

If you don’t think meth effects your area – think again. As you can see from these stories and other news stories found on this site, meth is a worldwide epidemic.

134 pounds of meth seized in Phoenix AZ; 3 suspects arrested

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in conjunction with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Contraband Smuggling Unit arrested 3 individuals and seized 134 pounds of “Ice” Methamphetamine and 4 kilograms of cocaine making it one of the state’s largest methamphetamine seizures.

Meth arrests in Turlock CA deliver $1.2M

Narcotics enforcement agents seized $1.2 million in drug money from a rented storage unit Wednesday and arrested two people on suspicion of selling methamphetamine, authorities said.

CAMBODIA: Methamphetamine usage rising

At a site in Phnom Penh, military police found a variety of illicit drugs. During the raid, military police also found a rotary tableting machine with the capacity of producing 10,000 methamphetamine tablets per hour. Such a machine had never been seized by officials in Cambodia before.

Hephzibah GA Meth Lab Busted

A Hephzibah couple and their son are in jail after police say they raided their home and found them cooking meth with their 4-year-old grandson inside. Authorities arrested 47-year-old Raymond Burbine, 43-year-old Melisa Burbine, and 19-year-old Alexander Burbine. All three adults were charged with manufacturing meth, and endangering a child during the manufacture of meth.

Laurel KY man dies from meth lab explosion

Joseph Lewis, 29, of East Bernstadt, died Wednesday morning in the burn unit at University Hospital, according to Louisville-area news reports. Lewis died after suffering severe burns from a meth lab found in his apartment.

Son busts mother cooking meth in Australia

Carey John Green, 44, was caught with chemicals, equipment and $23,000 in cash in July 2006 at the house in Tasmania he shared with his elderly mother.

His girlfriend, Gail Ann Pearce, 47, was also caught buying cold and flu tablets at a number of pharmacies to provide Green with the base for making the drug, also known as speed.

Her 10-year-old son told police he knew what the pair were up to after he “watched a cop show about them busting criminals”.

Man charged with making meth in family’s home in St. Albans W. VA

Police arrested a St. Albans man accused of operating a meth lab in the home he shared with his wife and four children.

Deputies searched the home and found a propane cylinder in the basement, along with cold medicine blister packs, three bottles of hydrogen peroxide, two bottles of Heet gas line additive, gas generators, numerous iodine bottles and matchbooks with the strike plates removed, all in a trashcan outside the home, according to the complaint.

68 people charged with meth production in St. Louis MN region

Sixty-eight people in the St. Louis region have been indicted on charges tied to illegally buying too much of an over-the-counter drug used to make methamphetamine.

Many of those arrested were visiting multiple stores to purchase large quantities of pseudoephedrine, a decongestant in cold remedies that’s an ingredient used in meth production. Several of the suspects, who do not all have ties to one another, bought more than 140,000 pseudoephedrine pills total.

“No one has the sniffles so bad they need 144 pills a day, no one,” Hanaway said.

These stories are headlines for only 7 days and maybe showcase 1/100th of the number of actual stories printed in newspapers around the globe. Stories of meth labs, drug busts, meth seizures etc., etc., etc. We need to wake up and realize that meth is a huge problem everywhere and in every demographic. Information on how to make meth is easier to get than ever and the with the one pot method of making meth you can bet that it’s not getting any harder to make.

There are still many people that are oblivious to how big this problem is because it doesn’t effect them; yet. The best way to begin combating the problem is through awareness. Everyone can fight this war on that front; it doesn’t take much to speak up.

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