Surfer dies high on meth

Last month the waves in Monterey County California were larger than some surfers had ever seen. Very, very few (if any) surfers dared to challenge them. There was however one man that was up to the challenge; 45 year old Peter Davi. Mr. Davi was know to the locals as “the gentle giant”. Many knew of him, but not many knew of his addiction to meth. Sadly, on this day it was told to all in the San Francisco Chronicle:

The surfer who died off Pebble Beach last month was under the influence of methamphetamine when he went into the water and encountered waves more than 50 feet high, the Monterey County coroner said today.

Peter Davi, 45, drowned while surfing Dec. 4 near Stillwater Cove in a stretch known to fellow surfers as Ghost Trees. A coroner’s investigation found that “acute methamphetamine intoxication . . . may also have played a contributing role” in his death, according to a statement released by the county sheriff’s office.

You see, Meth can make you feel larger than life; like no challenge is insurmountable. 50-60 ft. waves are ripples in a tide pool to a surfer on meth. And it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re into, meth will temp you into dangerously thinking that you are immortal. The impossible is possible with meth; or so one thinks.

Yet another life lost, another family mourns, another soul committed, at the hands of meth.

R.I.P. Mr. Peter Davi

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  1. …More hype to distract us from the big cloud of plastic particles the size of Texas that’s swirling around in the ocean…, and to push aside the fact that our attempt at recycling is futile (unless you’re a wholesale plastics buyer)..Meth hype distracts us from THE WAR…(HOW DO those troops stay SO awake for SO long?)….Not to mention America’s favorite pastime,(you don’t think steroids are the only thing helping those guys to chew their cud while hitting homeruns,do you?)…And most importantly of course, THE CHILDREN…we must protect them from Meth!!…SO WHY THEN, when your child looks out the classroom window and daydreams,or doodles in his/her schoolbooks, does THE SYSTEM PRESCRIBE METH TO YOUR KIDS?!?!.. Hey kids,JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS,and yes to BUDWEISER and NASCAR!…Let’s remember Peter Davi for the ocean loving man and brave surfer that he was, and not dig up the skeletons in his closet,lest we take you to task about your “dependence” on “meetings” or jogging or blogging or peddling around in Lycra,or whatever lame stuff you may be into…for God’s sake,when my heart exlodes from a big line,(hopefully while surfing down the line) please remember me as someone too sensitive to cope with this world and chose self-medication, and love me just the same.Thanks.

  2. @ aintnobarrybonds

    So then are you saying that Peter Davi passed away due to plastic in the ocean? What is it you are trying to say; you lost me at …

    I am not attempting to blame Peter Davi for having a meth addiction, nor am I creating more “hype”. Unless you are clean and free of meth and have at some point lived with it, will you see that most of the things said about the downfall this country faces due to meth are true and not some fictionalized distraction from the real issues; you know like plastic in the ocean and what not.

    I do hope that the day won’t come that your heart explodes due to snorting a fat rail, but the truth is if you choose to to take an action such as that, the consequence could quite well be a massive heart attack.

    I truly wish you all the best.

  3. I’m a 51 year old guy. From easternn Pa. and i was hooked on meth, over 30 years ago. Afriend brother in law came back from vetiem, HE WAS ON HERION , like many of our great soldiers to excapse the horrors over there. Billy was a good friend only 8 years older than I . By 13 my friends and i were shoting it. I didn’t loose any friends to it back then. It was easy to get the moctor cycle gang at the billard ball were a couples from where we lived, 1 stop north on the train . ” METH KILLS GUY AND CHICKS “

  4. One night I stayed up for ten years,after being aressted and incarserated I got a little over 6 months sleep before I stayed up for another 7 years!I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones,even after the fact I lost all I loved and all who loved me,three times.Ive had and lost more Bikes, HotRods,Guns,cash and things then ten average honest working men will ever know.METH it seemed so harmless I could accomplish so many tasks in a single day I had the best lawn on the block,the cleanest car,I coached 2 baseball teams a year for my children for 9 seasons and still hold the record for the most winning coach in the league,I worked 8 hrs. a day and owned a after market American motorcycle shop,looking from the outside in I had it all.The parents from my teams loved me the other coaches respected the Longhaired Biker everything seemed perfect.No one knew I was always looking in the rearveiw mirror cops were tring to make a buy everyday and back then the drug didnt sell itself you had to compete with cocaine, acid and it just had no value to the average drug user untill they tried it.I HATE FUCKING METH! All my Freinds and I had alot of freinds before I ever did METH are now either DEAD or in PRISON.Please teach your chidren to NEVER try METH!!!

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