Voices of Meth: “Lucifer’s baby”

This week’s senseless tragedy:

A man stands trial for the death of his girlfriend and her unborn child after hearing voices that were telling him to kill the child as a sacrifice.

The Canadian Press

EDMONTON, Oct 4: A young man who admits killing a pregnant Edmonton teen told police he believed she was having “Lucifer’s baby” and that he might be the father of the unborn child.

Jared Baker, 21, is charged with first-degree murder in the Nov. 24, 2005, shooting death of Olivia Talbot, 19.

Jurors have been told that while he admits he killed her, his defence is that he was in a methamphetamine-induced psychosis.

On Wednesday, the jury watched two lengthy police interviews in which an emotional and agitated Baker rambled on about drugs, spirituality, demons, voices in his head and “intuition” which led him to kill his childhood friend.

“I confess to murdering Olivia Talbot,” said Baker, explaining how he snorted some speed, stole his mother’s car and drove to Talbot’s home, where he shot her five times with a .22-calibre rifle, and then fled.

“I feel that she is in a better place now and I loved her,” he said. “I loved her a lot.”

During parts of the video where Baker described saying “sorry O.V.” to Talbot just before he shot her, Talbot’s family cried in their seats at the front of the courtroom.

“As far as I knew, she was a friend or a devil in disguise,” said Baker of his feelings right after the slaying.

Baker also told detectives he was upset she was using drugs while pregnant and said he believed the fetus was sending him subliminal messages.

He also stated he had sex with Talbot twice and believed the unborn baby was his.

“I felt that was my kid and, in my dreams, he was saying, `Kill me,’” said Baker. “It was almost as if I felt like her baby was asking me for that sacrifice.”

Despite his rambling, admitted drug use and the hearing of voices, Baker maintained he was not out of his mind.

“I don’t think I’m a crazy person, really,” he said. “I’m actually quite sane.”

At one point, Baker put his hands in a praying gesture and said, “I am deeply sorry, Olivia,” and asked detectives to forward his apologies to her parents.

He was also curious about what sentence he would get and lamented the fact he could not get the electric chair.

Does anyone need proof that meth makes you hallucinate after reading this?

7 thoughts on “Voices of Meth: “Lucifer’s baby””

  1. I never realized the degree meth could poison ones mind, these “visions” he got, thinking his girlfriend was carrying a demon baby is pretty trippy. Something you would expect from LSD/shrooms – I always thought speed was a drug people used when no-doze wasn’t working anymore to study for a test. This one is way off the deep end making speed scary stuff.

  2. This is sick. i used to use meth, and i think this guy is just crazy. he was jealous and acted on impulse. This poor girl couldnt even defend herself i bet.
    this asshole got hwat he deserved. He even got off easy considering he should have be been charged with two counts of murder.
    you make yourself who you are. the drugs just added to his craziness.

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