“Ice” or Crystal Meth Defintion

The term Ice is used most commonly in the Hawaiian islands. Ice is a form of meth, in fact it’s meth in its purest form and may appear as small crystallized rocks. Other terms for this type of meth include crystal meth and glass. This meth is known to be even more addictive than regular meth because it is more pure when consumed. Ice or crystal meth is generally smoked, however it can be crushed and snorted or crushed and made into a liquid form and taken intravenously.

The main difference between “regular meth” and ice or crystal meth is that ice is created in what are said to be “super labs” and on a much larger scale than home cooked meth. The process in which ice or crystal meth is distilled can be very hard to create in the average meth lab. Most times the average, cheaper meth sold on the street has been cut several times to stretch it further and allow the dealer to make more profit. The high is still the same, however it doesn’t last as long nor does it feel as strong.

Because ice is generally manufactured in larger labs that would be easier to detect here in the U.S., more times than not the meth is imported from Mexico and other countries and smuggled into the states.

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