Meth Hot Rail

Looking for a different way to snort/smoke meth at the same time? Try a Hot Rail.

This way you can fry your nose and your lungs at the same time. (aside from your brain and other major organs).

On the seemingly never ending search for a new way to experience a meth high, one trend of late is to heat up a glass pipe until it’s just about molten hot and while hovering over a rail (or line) the meth is snorted through the pipe. The meth actually vaporizes as it does when its smoked, however in this tactic the meth is snorted as vaporized crystals and exhaled as smoke after being absorbed into the lungs.

Tweakers say the rush is different – logically it doesn’t make sense, but then again, the words logical and tweaker shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.


***Trigger Warning***