There is no such thing as Candy Flavored Meth

Halloween is coming and the “Strawberry Quick” Meth emails are going around again

Seems like this is going to be a yearly occurrence and people get worked up for no good reason. I wrote about the Strawberry Quick Meth email last year when I got the same email three times, from three different people warning me of the dangers of this new “candy meth” that is being given to kids.

What’s wrong with the above paragraph?

How about the fact that no meth dealer, pusher, user (whatever) is going to give meth away to anyone for nothing. Secondly, why would anyone think that they are making this special “flavored meth” to target young kids? I mean come on, use some common sense!

People that use meth are still human and believe it or not the majority of them aren’t souless a-holes with nothing better to do than get small children addicted to drugs.

So what prompted me to write about this today? Well, yet another email – this time quoting a radio station broadcast about “methamphetamine disguised to look like candy”. Visiting the stations website, the first thing I see is this image:

Candy Flavored Meth
Candy Flavored Meth

I seriously laughed out loud. I mean HOLY CRAP that’s alot of grape flavored meth! And look, the manufacturers even added a nice label so that stupid people would know there is grape flavored meth inside!


Maybe the media should start checking snopes.

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