Petition to Legalize Crystal Meth

Should Crystal Meth be Legal? Not just no – but, HELL No.

There is actually a petition online saying crystal meth should be legalized. Granted there are all kinds of ridiculous petition’s online, but this one really irks me.

Here is the petition text along with my two cents:

There’s no rational reason to why people hate meth. If you hate it, you prolly have been brainwashed by the government controlled massmedia. There’s a conspiracy behind that, sometimes I see their black copters and narcs trying to find out…

There is no reason for people to hate meth? Hmm I guess I was brainwashed by the government when meth addiction destroyed my family life, took our home, jobs, friends, family – everything.

Black copters eh? Sounds like someone has been up a few too many days. When you peel back the tin foil on your windows do you also see UFO’s?

1st) Meth is not toxic, compared to alcohol.
Contrary to popular belief it isn’t a mix of lye and battery acid (those 2 chemicals cancels each other out anyway, LOLZ). It’s just a energized version of cough medication. It’s also prescribed to kids as young as 3yrs old for ADD. Would they give lye+acid+crap to OUR CHILDREN!? No! It’s just that meth is pure as CRYSTAL, lol.

LOLZ!!! OMG LMAO WTF? – Dude, meth’s toxicity is beyond your comprehension at this point; you see, when you are using it your sick mind thinks “It’s OK, it won’t hurt me”. Compared to meth, alcohol is kool-aid. I’m not minimizing alcohol addiction either, but the effects of meth on the brain are far more reaching and long lasting.

Coming from a person who says LOLZ – I have a hard time believing you know anything about how meth is made. Copying and pasting from forums doesn’t count either.

Kids with ADD have been given methylphenidate which alot of people may know as Ritalin. Personally, I would not gve this to my child, but to be fair, I don’t have a child with ADD. The FDA has approved thousands of medications which have been proven to have harmful and addictive side effects. So to answer your question, Yes, “they” would allow children to take this if they thought the benefit outweighed the risks in helping a child with a debilitating disorder. Note however that the government has labeled methylphenidate a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning it is highly addictive.

2nd) Meth is natural for the brain, a supplement.
It’s a cousin of adrenalin, just longer lasting and feel better. It’s a relief from the condition called “sleep”, it makes you productive, fun, etc. It also stimulate your brain cells, making you smarter and able to process more data.
For example I can build a microwave out of recuperated random electronic parts!!!!!

Meth is NOT natural. Natural, by definition would mean it were already manufactured by the brain. Meth is a chemical that causes the brain to release dopamine in mass quantities. And while dopamine is loosely related to adrenaline, the damage done inside the brain with continued meth use can leave a user feeling ultra depressed and hopeless – why? Because the receptors inside the brain become desensitized and no longer react to a normal dose of dopamine. This causes a vicious cycle of addiction.

3rd) Tweakers are nice: Don’t be disrespectin’ us.
I’m not anti-social. Actually I’m very talkative and I can have a long conversation with anyone. I can also explain you how the universe works or how to fix society. Nice huh?
People who give a bad image to meth should not be able to buy this beautiful crystal again.

I have no doubts that tweekers are nice. I know alot of them and they are good, nice people. Addiction happens to “nice people” all day, every day.

I’m tired of those pigs following me around. This is harassment. You’re against harassment, RIGHT!? Join the Beautiful Crystal Cause. Thank you.

NOTE: I’m not condoning the use of illegal substance, nor do I use them. I just want the good for society: legal OTC meth and govt approved meth kits.

This petition is condoning the use of meth which is an illegal substance. If you want what’s good for society it wouldn’t be making meth legal, that’s for sure. Or maybe you want your friends and family walking around like zombies on meth – ganking your stuff for a fix.

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